The WoWL Story

The Westies of West London, or WoWL for short, is a comic book story about four West Highland Terrier dogs who run the WoWL Dogtective Agency solving dog-related crimes across West London.

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  • Dogtectives

    If you lose your ball or favourite chew toy, together Casper, Basil, Lucky and Billy help keep the streets of West London safe for all dogs.

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  • Supporting Cast

    In the background but not forgotten... find out about Mrs P, the mischievous mice and Inspector Kennel. And of course, West London.

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  • Creators

    It began with a surf trip to Cornwall and a chance conversation about the Westies that Kevin and James decided to collaborate on a comic book story.

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Casper The Westie

Meet the real Casper who inspired the idea for the Westies of West London and would become the main character of the WoWL Dogtective Agency.

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