Casper looking dapper with a Fedora hat and bow tie


Casper with Fedora hat and bow tie

The idea

It's fun to think of Casper all dressed up and looking stylish.

For a West Highland Terrier dog who walks the streets of London and runs his own dogtective agency, he has the time to dress up once in a while.

For this colour palette I was a little inspired by Indiana Jones, and River Phoenix's boy scout outfit in the opening scene of "The Last Crusade".

Casper has a nose for adventure. He's not much of an archaeologist, but he loves solving a great mystery.

Perhaps the Westies of West London need to go on a worldwide adventure solving mysteries and crimes outside of London!

On the left, the inked version and on the right, the original drawing.


Continuing with my cartoon process, I love sketching the idea through a drawing in my Moleskine sketch pad.

I typically used a 0.7 clutch pencil for my drawings, starting lightly with the structure of the character I'm sketching and then outlining by pressing harder with the pencil to define the final lines. 

Most times I ink using a pen and lightbox. It's something I've been doing for years. I takes longer but I enjoy the feel of pencil, pen and paper.

There are other digital tools but I still use Photoshop to create the digital colouring, and apply the "flatting" technique. 

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— Dogtectives on the prowl, hear the Westies WoWL!

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