This Westie has got some magic talent!

The idea

I'm always having fun watching videos about Britain's Got TalentAmerica's Got Talent or seeing some magicians performing tricks for Fool Us.

It got me thinking about an idea for this cartoon that I wanted to illustrate... by introducing a hobby for Casper and possibly that he discovers he's got a new talent – MAGIC!

I also liked the idea that Casper found a Dogwarts book about magic at the local library and this inspired him to learn new magic tricks. 

And here he's performing the Cups and Balls routine for the mice. WoWL-la!!

Do you think he managed to fool them? Do you think Casper is a wizard yet?

On the left, the inked version and on the right, the original drawing.


As always, I enjoy using a mix of traditional and digital media to create my artwork.

It's a longer process for example sketching, inking, scanning and colouring digitally, but then I love the process and seeing the idea, illustration and final colour version come to life. 

I use Photoshop to create the digital colouring, with a technique called "flatting"

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— Dogtectives on the prowl, hear the Westies WoWL!

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