Welcome to the (rebranded) WoWL Dogtective Agency!

New look, new website, new online store!

We've decided to rebrand our rename The Westies of West London to the WoWL Agency. 

 Yes, the Westies are still the same WoWL-ing dogtectives!

Why change the name?

Having such a long name and website URL isn't very memorable, it's difficult to type in web searches or use on marketing material, and it's a mouthful to say (try saying thewestiesofwestlondo.co.uk four times fast!).

WoWL New Website

Our new WoWL Agency website

Therefore with the rebrand and name change it means we've also changed our website address from thewestiesofwestlondon.co.uk to something simpler, wowlagency.com

We wanted the name to be more descriptive as to what the comic book series is about... the #1 Dogtective Agency solving dog-related crimes in West London.


The same logo but different?

Since the beginning, we’ve always referred to the Westies of West London using the acronym WoWL. Our original logo included a WoWL speech bubble and a cropped shot of Casper set against a bright sky-blue background.

WoWL Logo

Old Westies of West London logo 

It seemed only natural to continue with this WoWL acronym but also to focus on the "agency" life of the dogtectives.

We've now opted to use the WA (WoWL Agency) initials, complete with dog bone, as the lead visual for our logo. This has become iconic and serves as the logo that the Westies would use for their dogtective agency too! :) 

New modern logo type for the WoWL Agency

The W and dog bone felt right as part of the logo as when combined they naturally created an A within the logo, standing for the initials of WoWL Agency. And in some way, between the negative space, it also alludes to the idea of a Westie's teeth chewing the dog bone. Yum! 
Original WoWL Agency logo sketches

We still liked the idea of Casper appearing in the original logo, half snout and featured with his WoWL bubble, to add some quirkiness and presence. However, we wanted to include the rest of the WoWL gang otherwise it would be the Westie (single) of West London!

Keep an eye out for Casper, Basil, Lucky and Billy within the logo.

You can now find Casper, Basil, Lucky and Billy hidden within the logo, so to speak (and somehow the logo still works whether it's using the WA initials or with a Westie).

Using the Westies in the logo also highlights (for us) the Westies dogtermined nature to be at the center of solving a case or crime, whoever from the gang this may be. 

Our logo animates every minute between all four Westies WoWL-ling :)  


What about social media?

Across our social media we’ve also renamed our social media @usernames to be wowlagency.

Doing this means we've cleaned up all our social accounts at the same time too. We had many variations being used that were inconsistent with the main website, for example:

You can now tag us using #wowl and #wowlagency in your social posts or mention us using @wowlagency


And a new online store did you say?

Yes, with this rebrand and new website means we're super thrilled to be able to also offer a shiny new online store where you can currently shop our two comic books:

Case #1 The Captivating Case of the Chicken-shaped Chewtoy
Case #2 The Sound of the Hound in Lost and Found

Through this platform we, as an independent creator/writer team, can now self-publish our books.

So by buying through our store means you can directly support us.

We also have big plans to provide new products on this website for you to enjoy the further adventures of the WoWL Dogtective Agency!

 — Dogtectives on the prowl, hear the Westies WoWL!


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