Casper the Westie

Once upon a time

While Kevin was working at a digital agency in Notting hill, West London, the owners of the agency one day adopted a fluffy, white West Highland Terrier named Casper.

On his arrival, Casper was still a young pooch, so there were many moments where he loved to chew the office furniture and decorations, or leave a little doggy puddle whenever nature called. 

Often, when the owners had to leave for a client meeting, Kevin and the rest of the office staff would take turns to walk Casper outside in order to give him space to exercise and explore around the Westbourne Grove neighbourhood.

Kevin, having grown up with four fox terrier dogs himself, loved to take Casper for ‘walkies’. It was during these walks, and observing Casper’s antics in the office, that Kevin learnt a great deal about a Westie's character and equally, Casper’s personality!

And Casper was quite a character.

It was always entertaining seeing him return from the doggy hairdresser just after having had a good haircut. He would walk slowly through office, proud of his haircut and conscious that everyone was admiring his sleek, new coat! 

An office trick he loved pulling was to jump into your office chair when you left it unoccupied, for example to get a cup of tea. There would be an all too familiar sound of a clunk and office chair wheels rolling across a wooden floor, echoing through the office, as he claimed a recently vacated, warm chair. 

Casper loved to catch a snooze in the office but he did his part and helped out with the office work; managing the websites, giving a friendly wagging welcome to clients when they arrived and keeping everyone safe and entertained with his barking whenever the post or a delivery arrived!

Introducing Mr Casper

He once starred in his own short film for a marketing video that Skywire, the digital agency, was creating; as the client Mr Casper who was requesting a special e-commerce website designed and built.

You can even catch a glimpse of the Westies of West London (WoWL) logo in the website design. :) 

Outside the office

Besides his day-to-day life at the office, Casper also had many adventures in and around Notting Hill where he lived with his owners, including the many walks by the digital agency staff. 

And outside of London he would visit his grand parents by the seaside where he loved looking for crabs, cooking, painting or running on the beach and eating ice cream... a real treat!


Sadly, Casper passed away due to old age in June, 2018.

However, the loving memory of him, his doggy antics and fun spirit lives on in the Westies of West London dogtective series and the WoWL Agency.

So too do many of the other characters in the comic book story like Basil, Billy, Lucky (who are all based on real dogs) and Mrs P (who was actually at one point in time Kevin's landlady when he lived in London!).


— Dogtectives on the prowl... hear the Westies WoWL!