The Creators

A chance encounter

Back in 2011, Kevin and James met during a long weekend surf trip to Cornwall, United Kingdom.

It was during this time that they had a chance conversation about writing and illustration with Kevin talking about the Westies of West London blog he had recently set up to draw cartoons about Casper.

However Kevin mentioned he had no real story, just a set of characters and some ideas about adventures in London.

James loved Kevin's drawings and decided to pitch an idea about the Westies dogtective story. The idea captivated Kevin and they both decided to collaborate on a comic book story together, with Jim writing the story and Kevin creating the illustrations.

And so the WoWL Dogtective Agency was born!


Kevin Fish

Kevin is the creator of the Westies of West London and illustrates all the drawings for the comic book and other artwork. His healthy obsession with drawing cartoons and comics began at a young age, and he has never stopped.

Now a professional graphic designer and UX designer, Kevin indulges his passion for illustration, comics and cartoons through the WoWL stories. You can also see additional cartoons and comic work on his website,

Kevin's grew up in South Africa, and moved to live and work for a number of years in London, UK before settling down in Barcelona, Spain.


James Mac

James writes the wonderful, whimsical stories for the Westies dogtective series filled with fantastic tongue twisters, alliterations and rhymes. Just look at our book titles!  

He has been writing for several years for publications in smart buildings and business intelligence. A chance conversation about the Westies lead to James suggesting they collaborate on a cartoon story. And so the WoWL dogtective agency was born!

James is originally from the United Kingdom and now lives in Stockholm, Sweden.


— Dogtectives on the prowl... hear the Westies WoWL!