The Dogtectives

Welcome to the WoWL Agency!

From the shed at the bottom of Mrs P's garden, the dogtectives (Casper, Basil, Lucky and Billy) run their WoWL Dogtective Agency.

Together they keep the streets of West London safe for all dogs. 

If you lose your ball or have favourite chew toy stolen, the Westies of West London are here to help!


The fearless leader of the dogtectives, who lives with his longtime owner, Mrs P. Casper runs the dogtective agency from the shed at the bottom of her garden (without her knowing!) whenever she is taking a nap or out of the house on an errand. Distinguishable with his bone shaped tag and collar, he is always followed closely by his friends 'the mice' who keep a watchful eye.


The gadget dog. You will find her, more often than not, in front of her trusty iPawd; thinking up new clever clog inventions to help solve crimes or testing the latest tech toys. Although she has a bright purple bow in her hair you can always tell Lucky apart by the fact that she is always wearing her fancy VR (or are they AR?) goggles... er doggles. 


The youngster of the bunch. As keen as mustard to help and Casper's 'right hand dog'. He's always on hand to lend a helpful paw. With his one ear still a little floppy (young Westies don't have fully developed rigid ears), freckles and a shorter, more spiky facial hair, Basil is quite different in terms of appearance to the other Westie dogtectives.


A rather quiet and chilled out Westie, he loves nothing more than a mid-morning snooze after chewing on his favourite bone. When he's not asleep or eating, he's great at answering the 'Dog and Bone'. Although somewhat a 'weighty' Westie, Billy does a great deal of exercise to keep himself trim. He is also rather a bit of a "dandy" and he likes to keep his hair long and shaggy. You may spot him with his hair covering his eyes and a goatee on his chin!


Inside the Agency

Here's a sneak peak into what the WoWL Dogtective Agency looks like once inside. 

As you can see, Lucky can be found focused intently on fixing something or other by bashing away at her iPawd to learn something new about the latest gadgets. 

Basil diligently answers the ‘Dog and Bone’ whenever it rings in his very best telephone voice: “Hello, WoWL Dogtective Agency...”.

Billy, well Billy is always fast asleep in his chair, usually after an intense walkies earlier in the morning before dawn. 

And Casper will usually login to his iPawd and check the local news to sniff out any intriging updates or curious happenings that could lead to the next big case.

— Always on the prowl, hear the Westies WoWL!