The Supporting Cast

The WoWL Agency would not be complete without some key, supporting characters that often feature throughout the WoWL series.

Introducing Mrs P (we still don't know her full name), Inspector Kennel, the Mice, and of course a character in its own right... the City of London.

Mrs P (Casper's owner)

Mrs P is Casper's beloved owner and companion who owns the shed at the bottom of the garden where the Westies "secretly" run their dogtective agency. She's often seen out and about taking Casper for "Walkies"!

A merry old soul, Mrs P loves baking and enjoys eating a slice of cake while sipping a cuppa tea or reading the evening paper in her favourite armchair and relaxing with the odd pint of Guinness.


Inspector Kennel

The top dog of the Pawlice and a true labrador, Inspector Kennel is a reliable, trusted partner in the Westies mission to solve dog crimes. Sporting a unique moustache and golden star badge, he loves nothing more than a good cup of coffee and cracking a case. 

Did we mention he loves coffee?!

The Mice

The Mice

Mr and Mrs Mice, also known as "The Mice", are always close by, scurrying somewhere in the background scene and getting up to some antics or mischief along the way. They're harmless and are super big fans of Casper and the WoWL gang.

They also love to nibble a slice of cheese or piece of cake!

The City of London

What would the Westies of West London be without this city, that has its own character and personality. London provides the backdrop for the Westies crime busting adventures. In each story a West London map depicts the journey the dogtectives take on their next crime busting adventure.

Of course, Poodle Maps provides the Westies with accurate directions!

— Dogtectives on the prowl, hear the Westies WoWL!